The Swing Smiths Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all of the questions we could remember having been asked in the past. If you have a question that's not on here, please feel free to email or call our agent, Alive Network, on 01782 740839.


How much space do you need?

To perform comfortably we need a stage area of 6m by 3m, but we can reduce this if necessary.


How is it best to time things?

Our main piece of advice is not to start the band too early! After a wedding meal, we find that guests have often eaten too much, are a bit tired, and just need to relax at the bar for a short while. We would normally suggest that you have our two 60 minute sets starting at about 9pm and 10.30pm.


Can I pick the bands playlist?

We welcome requests from our repertoire list, as long as they are made a few weeks in advance. We suggest that you request no more than 10 songs per set, as we can then build a great set list including other songs that we know work well at getting people up and dancing.


Where will you travel to?

We will travel anywhere in the UK and internationally, however we offer our most competitive rates for events within one hour of London.


Can I see you play live?

We often perform at public events as a Swing Orchestra – a vintage line-up great for dancing. To find out when our next performance is, please speak to your entertainment co-ordinator.


Will you learn our special song?

We can learn a first dance request if it suits the style and line-up of the band – although it is best to give us as much notice as possible.


Is the video on your website a true reflection of the band?

Yes – we have invested a huge amount of money to make videos that show you exactly what our performance will look and sound like at your event.


How do I book you?

To book the Swing Smiths please use our online enquiry form or contact our agent Alive Network via email or phone 01782 740839.


Are you able to DJ in between sets?

We offer an unmanned ‘Auto DJ’ service between sets. We leave a playlist running on our system – it can either be a playlist on our iPad, or a playlist on your laptop, iPod or mp3 player.


Can we make DJ requests in advance to my event?

If you want to choose the songs that are played between our sets, we suggest that you provide a laptop, iPod or mp3 player with playlists that we can put on through our system.


Can we use your sound system for speeches?

This is usually fine after we’ve set up (usually at 6.30pm) however please note that we don’t use wireless microphones so speeches will need to be delivered from the stage.


What equipment do you use?

The Swing Smiths use one of the best portable PA systems currently available – a digital Mackie DL1608 mixing desk, which can be wirelessly controlled by our iPad, and a 3KW QSC K-series speaker system (tops and subs). We also use top quality microphones from Shure and AKG.


Do you have lights?

Yes – we use an NJD Quartet lighting system with extra LED lights for a colour wash over the stage.


How long do you play for?

Our quotes are based on a performance time of two 60 minute sets, although we can perform for three 40 minute sets if you prefer.


What time do you start and finish?

The standard price is based on an arrival time of 5pm, set-up by 6.30pm, with the sets anytime between 7.00pm and midnight.


How long do you take to set up?

It takes around 90 minutes for us to set up and sound check.


Can I provisionally book you?

We are not in a position to take provisional bookings, however we are usually happy to hold a date for a couple of days while you make a decision.


What if the band split up before my event?

The Swing Smiths are a professional band who were formed in 2005 by a group of schoolfriends. We’ve performed together hundreds of times since so it’s fair to say we like each other’s company! If the worst was to happen and we did split up before your event, every effort would be made to find a suitable replacement band.


Can my sisters/bosses/daughter's dog sing with your band?

If arranged in advance, this is usually fine – although it depends on the choice of song.


What will the band wear?

There are three dress options for The Swing Smiths: (1) black tie (standard), (2) vintage clothing and (3) business suits. Just let us know in advance which you’d prefer.


Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates?

Yes – if you need a copy of our up-to-date PAT and PLI certificates just let us know.


Why should I book The Swing Smiths?

The Swing Smiths are a professional band who simply love performing swing and soul music. We arrange all the songs we perform specifically for our band, meaning that we have a distinctive sound that other bands simply don’t have. We are also experienced, and have performed at just about every type of venue and event. We know that each event is special and unique, and always work with you to make sure you are completely happy with our performance on the day.


How much does it cost to book the band?

Please click here for a quote.


Can we see some previous client testimonials?

Yes – please find our client testmonials here.


Do The Swing Smiths have any specific requirements?

We require a green room that we can use before we perform as a changing room, and also to retire to between sets so we can rest. We also require a hot meal for each band member, along with soft drinks throughout the evening.


What type/size venues are you able to play at?

We can play at any type of venue, from outdoor festivals to country houses and marquees.


How loud will the band be?

The Swing Smiths are made up of largely acoustic instruments (drum kit, plus four horn players) so we’re not as loud as you might expect a 9-piece band to be. We obviously mic up the band when performing live, but usually we can comfortably perform within the 95dB limit specified by some venues. If your venue has a sound limiter with a lower setting, it’s vital that you let us know beforehand as it could affect our performance on the day.


What is the band power requirement?

We require two separate 13 amp (domestic) power sockets on different feeds, so that we can keep our sound and lighting equipment separate.


Do The Swing Smiths offer any additional services?

Yes – in fact we can provide entertainment packages for your whole event. For example, we have classically trained musicians who provide music for wedding ceremonies, and we can also provide background jazz music perfect for dinner and drinks receptions. We can also add extra male vocals to our 9-piece function band, and recommend that you add a sound engineer to your booking if you have an audience of 350 people.

Please speak to your entertainment co-ordinator for more information about these services by calling 01782 740839.